Army of Chile Website Hacked by LulzSec Peru

The hackers say they have nothing against the people of Chile

Hackers of the LulzSec Peru collective have targeted another Army website. This time, their target is the site of the Army of Chile (

The hackers say that the attack on the website of Chile’s Army has nothing to do with Chilean citizens.

“We clarify that the Chilean Army attack is not centered against the Chileans or against anyone,” they wrote on Twitter.

Currently, the site of the Army of Chile has been taken offline.

Over the past couple of weeks, LulzSec Peru has targeted a number of high-profile websites, including the ones of the Peruvian Army, the Venezuelan Ministry of Defense, and Argentina’s Ministry of Defense.

Judging by their latest hacks, they’re currently focusing on the systems of South American organizations, particularly ones in charge of defending their countries.

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