Armor A15, a Shockproof Portable HDD from Silicon Power

It is protected by a shock-absorbent silica gel cover

Since it could not just let much of the winter holiday shopping season pass without some sort of new product launch, Silicon Power has introduced the Armor A15 portable hard disk drive.

The name and appearance easily drive home the point that this is no normal storage device.

The capacity of 500/750/1,000 GB, the transfer speed of up to 5GBps (USB 3.0), these things sound normal, and they are. The rest of the feature set, however, is not.

Long story short, the black and green enclosure provides the Armor A15 with a measure of shock resistance not common to portable drives.

The anti-shock properties are owed to a silica gel cover that also copes with vibrations. No impacts should be able to cause data loss, not easily anyway.

All relevant information, minus the price, can be found here, on the product page.

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