Armello Brings Fairy-Tale Tabletop Adventures to Life on Kickstarter

The campaign has already gotten to a great start and the game looks gorgeous

Armello is an upcoming multiplayer digital board game that's gotten off to a very good start on the popular crowdfunding platform that everyone's using to fund their games and eliminate the middleman, Kickstarter.

Australian developer League of Geeks aims to deliver a digital card and board game of heroes and adventures, set in the fairy-tale animal kingdom of Armello.

The game combines adventure and strategy, consisting of a mix of role-playing game and card and boardgame elements.

The story begins when the wise and benevolent ruler falls ill to a dark and mysterious force known as the Rot, which is slowly eating away at his body and soul, plunging him ever deeper into madness.

In response, the Great Clans of Armello have called forth their Heroes to claim the throne of the mad king, and as a hero, you'll embark on a quest and get involved in various schemes, explore and exploit the land, vanquish monsters and perform royal edicts.

The game will be turn based, but there will be no boring downtime, as once you hit the End Turn button, you'll be busy with the equipping of items, recruiting of followers and purchasing of talents in your hero's unique talent tree.

Heroes will be faced with dynamic quest lines with multiple responses that are custom-tailored to your hero, and the decisions you make will be affected by your hero's preferred time of day, as the game also comes with a unique night and day cycle that shifts the play dynamic.

Armello's battles
Armello's battles
When night falls, terrifying banes erupt from dungeons to stalk hapless victims, and enemies conceal themselves in the darkness, setting up deadly ambushes. Dawn sees the King's Guard patrol the kingdom far and wide looking for traitors, while his demands become increasingly outrageous as the game progresses.

The actual gameplay will involve a combination of Card, Dice, Hex and Symbol sets that offer deep strategic combinations throughout the fast-paced adventuring. Each unique hero possesses a special power, a personalized skill tree as well as customizable loadouts.

The game has over 100 beautifully illustrated and animated cards from artists all around the world, offering an engaging and rewarding tabletop experience that allows both local and online mutiplayer, as well as single-player matches against the AI.

The action takes place on a fully 3D hex map with animated characters that will be procedurally generated, ensuring that no two games of Armello ever play the same.

Armello is planned to be released for iPad, PC, Mac and Linux, with Android and Windows tablets listed as stretch goals, with an estimated full launch window of March 2015, if things go according to plan.


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