Armed Robber Stopped by Liquor Store Clerk, Army Veteran

Jon Lewis Alexander also had a gun on him when he was threatened

In a surveillance video which reminds me of a movie about the Wild Wild West, a clerk in Missouri responds to an armed robbery attempt by pulling out his own gun.

Jon Lewis Alexander, a firmer Iraq vet working as a clerk in a liquor store, was threatened by a man with weapon.

According to WUSA, the thief didn't know what hit him when he saw his own gun pushed back. The vet was also armed with a 9 mm handgun.

The incident took place in a store shop in Marionville at 9 p.m. on Sunday. After realizing that 54-year-old Alexander could seriously injure him, the crook quickly left the store.

"One of the policemen told me later, 'You're a lucky man.' I said, 'I think he (the robber) is a little luckier than I am,'" Alexander says.

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