Ariel Castro: Man Who Kidnapped Amanda Berry Was Bus Driver

Castro bought the home where Berry was found in 1992

As previously reported, officials have come across missing woman Amanda Berry, as well as Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, locked up in a home in Ohio.

Berry was found with her daughter after yelling out to neighbor Charles Ramsey, who swiftly reacted and freed her by knocking down the door.

Officials have pinpointed the kidnapper as one Ariel Castro, pictured above. The Daily Mail clarifies that Castro worked as a bus driver until 2012.

He has lived in the same house where he was keeping the girls for 21 years. Ramsey described him as a “good guy” adding that they “all knew him” around the neighborhood.

“I've been here a year. I barbeque with this dude, we eat ribs and what not and listen to salsa music. Not a clue that that girl was in that house or that anyone else was in there with,” he says.

52-year-old Castro was arrested on Monday and tests could prove that he is the father of Berry's child. I will keep you updated as this story progresses.

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