Ariel Castro Kept the Girls Chained in the Basement, Locked Inside Door to House

Later on, the kidnapping victims were allowed in the backyard, if they wore a disguise

New, disturbing details have come to light in the case of abduction victims Amanda Berry, Georgina DeJesus and Michele Knight.

As reported, the young women were kidnapped as teenagers and held in captivity in Ohio by one Ariel Castro.

Castro would rape all the girls repeatedly, and they were kept in the basement for a long time after being abducted.

According to a police report quoted by WKYC, they were all chained in the basement upon abduction.

They were kept in his home on Seymour Avenue, where they were later allowed to live on the second floor "free from the chains."

They were sometimes allowed out of the house in the backyard, but they would have to put on wigs and sunglasses. They were told to keep their heads down at all times.

Amanda Berry's daughter, fathered by Castro, was taken outside the house, but she was never told the real names of the other victims. Castro was very careful about her speaking about them in public.

A "big inside door" was locked in his house, preventing the girls from ever making it to the front door.

On the day they were rescued, he forgot to lock the door while making a run at McDonald's.

Berry first thought that he was setting up a trap for them, but soon found the courage to run to the door and ask for assistance. Charles Ramsey, a man of questionable background himself, was able to let her out.

As we mentioned, he broke down the door upon hearing her scream. Thanks to a swift 911 operator, the police were there in two minutes, before Castro came back.

"As we neared the top of the steps, Officer Espada hollered out, 'Cleveland Police,' at which time ... Knight ran and threw herself into (Officer) Espada's arms.

"We then asked if there was anyone else upstairs with her, when (DeJesus) came out of the bedroom," the police report reads.

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