Argentinian Ministry of Defense Website Hacked and Defaced by LulzSec Peru

The hackers leaked hundreds of megabytes of "secret" information

The hackers from the LulzSec Peru collective were busy in the last days of 2012. They hacked and defaced the official website of Argentina’s Ministry of Defense (

Not only did the hackers deface the website, but they also leaked over 500 allegedly “top secret” documents from the ministry’s systems.

The leak, totaling over 100 megabytes in size (compressed), contains information on submarines, radars and weapons. It also contains user details such as usernames, passwords, the names of officials and other “secrets.”

In the statement they have published next to the data dump, LulzSec Peru highlights the fact that its acts should not be regarded as terrorism. They claim to have breached the website simply to show that it’s highly vulnerable.

Their actions appear to have been triggered by a statement in which representatives of Argentina’s Ministry of Defense boasted that their computer systems were impossible to hack.

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