Area 51 Officially Mapped in CIA Documents, Hollywood Lied to You – Video

Military base is real but it has nothing to do with aliens, contrary to popular belief

Area 51 has been featured in Hollywood blockbusters so often that, even though no official would confirm its existence, people always knew it was there. Thanks to newly released CIA documents, Area 51 is officially confirmed – and mapped.

Check out the video report below to find out more about the mysterious military base in Nevada, located 125 miles northwest of Las Vegas (which is also where Google Maps places it).

If you were among those thinking that Area 51 is synonymous with alien life, you will probably be disappointed to find out that the two have nothing in common.

If we’re to believe the documents, Hollywood has been lying all along. Conspiracy theorists also got it wrong, and they were probably in greater number than the studio bosses looking to capitalize on what has come to be considered America’s biggest – and worst kept – secret.

In fact, Area 51 was merely a “testing site for the government’s U-2 and OXCART aerial surveillance programs” during the Cold War.

The documents released make no mention of alien encounters or spaceships that would make them possible.

The release is a response to a 2005 request based on the Freedom of Information Act.

Of course, if you really want to read more into it, you could say that the documents (which are less redacted than what the CIA previously released) were put out precisely for the purpose of deceiving the good people at home.

After all, if the CIA was running an alien-centered operation there, would they want to make it public by keeping a record of it?

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