Are id Software and Valve Thieves?

Not crediting the DOSBox Team and removing the GPL does sound a little strange to say the least

It seems that id Software and Valve are into the monkey business. No actually, just in business, as they've apparently stolen other people's work to run Wolfenstein 3D, thus violating actual GPL laws. Of course, both companies surely knew what they were doing when they decided to use DOSBox to play the game removing all help and configuration files, as well as any credit to the DOSBox Team. Here's what Gargantou writes over at

"Id Software and Valve violating GPLs!

Hello, I just bought Wolfenstein 3D from Steam, and it came to my attention they're using DOSBox to play the game, now here's the deal, they've removed all help and config files, and any credit given to the DOSBox Team, they've also removed the GPL(General Public License), thus as fas as I know violating actual law.

I think this is a very poor thing to do, especially from a company like Valve and iD whom have been along so long, to use other peoples programs and not even give credit, not to mention violate the team by removing the GPL.

Now I'm thinking about posting this to the team if it hasn't come attention to them already.

I just wanted to post it here because I thought people should know that iD and Valve are together taking advantage of other peoples work without even giving them credit."

Neither of the two companies have rushed in answering this issue, meaning... nothing really. One can't help asking himself: "could Valve and id be this stupid?" Or, even better... "could the two companies be this greedy?" It's not a matter of how much they have to gain from this (if it's true) but how little they'd lose if they actually credited the involved parties.

Still, nothing solid has yet been revealed that could confirm or deny whether the two companies are breaking the law or not. Who knows, maybe it's just a mistake. Check out the story, see what you make of it.

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