Trend Micro Infographic: Are You Safe Online?

The security firm analyzes how cybercriminals catch up with the digital landscape

Are we safe online? This is a question asked by many users of the Internet. If you ask information security experts, they’ll say there are a lot of threats on the Web, and they’re becoming more prevalent and sophisticated.

A new infographic published by security firm Trend Micro analyzes just how dangerous the Internet is.

The study analyzes the number of individuals that use the Internet, what they use it for, and the threats spread online by cybercriminals.

The infographic also covers the basic security systems implemented in the past and the advanced security features used against the latest threats.

As Trend Micro highlights, in the past, we had antiphishing, antivirus protection, rootkit detection, file rescue and bad site blocking.

Today, we have additional mechanisms to protect us against the latest threats, such as antispam, social networking security, Windows firewall optimization, safe search result filtering, and various security systems for mobile devices.

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