Archos Releases Android-Based TV Connect Android Set-Top Box

This is the closest thing to a cross between a smart TV and an Android PC

It is the start of a new year, and Archos wants to make it count by launching something that few others have built by following the same plan: an Android computer in the form of a set-top box.

Called Archos TV Connect, it uses a multi-core ARM CPU (1.5 GHz), 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of NAND Flash storage space, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and a remote control.

The remote is a real piece of work, with a QWERTY keypad and four game buttons, a directional pad and the standard Android and volume control keys.

Basically, the TV Connect is a versatile set-top box whose keyboard has more potential uses and commands than owners will know what to do with.

The price will be of $130 (98-130 Euro, give or take) when shipments finally begin in February.

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