Archon SB-E X2, Thermalright's Silent but Mighty CPU Cooler

Compatible with both AMD and Intel CPUs, it has adjustable air pressure

All companies need some sort of edge over the competition, and Thermalright knows this, so it designed its new Archon CPU cooler differently than it did before, complete with a proprietary Pressure Vault Bracket.

The Archos SB-E X2, as the new cooler is called, is based on the Archon "Slim Tower Heatsink" released by Thermalright back in 2010.

The main benefit of the new version is the Pressure Vault Bracket, which lets owners add 40 to 70 extra pounds of air pressure if they so wish. A simple turn of the Central Pressure Knob is all that is required to do so.

Speaking of pressure, there is no way the knob will actually do anything without air moving all over the place. That said, the hardware maker has equipped the cooler with a pair of TY-141 140 mm fans, complete with PWM control.

The maximum air flow is of 73.6 CFM per fan and the top noise generation is of 21 DBA, lower than a whisper really.

Moving on, the heat from whatever CPU is below the base plate is pulled and led to the large heatsink by eight sintered copper heatpipes (6 mm thick).

Speaking of which, the copper heatsink base has a mirror finish and the heatsink itself is plated with nickel, to prevent oxidation.

Basically, for people who prefer to make their own computers, the Thermalright Archon SB-E X2 could be just right. Both Intel CPUs and processors from Advanced Micro Devices are supported after all.

The only condition for its use is that the enclosure must have a reasonable width, otherwise the cooler won't fit inside the PC (the exact size is 155 mm length x 53 mm width x 170 mm height / 6.10 x 2.08 x 6.69 inches).

Online stores and street retailers should have the Thermalright Archon "Slim Tower Heatsink" SB-E X2 up for sale soon, if they don't already, for $99.55 / 99.55 Euro.

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