ArchBang Linux 2011.11 Is Now Available

Comes now with PCMan File Manager and Xcompmgr-dana

Willensky Aristide proudly announced last night, November 1st, the immediate availability for download or upgrade of the ArchBang 2011.11 operating system.

ArchBang 2011.11 is a Linux distribution based on the Arch Linux, but with the lightweight Openbox window manager. The new version brings various features, new apps and lots of bugfixes.

ArchBang Linux now features a new file manager, PCMan File Manager, instead of the old Thunar File Manager. Also, the ISO image got a lot smaller with this release.

"You don’t need it if you already have AB installed on your system." - said Willensky Aristide in the announcement. Which means that current users of ArchBang Linux don't have to download the new ISO in order to upgrade the distribution.

Highlights of ArchBang 2011.11:

· PCMan File Manager replaced Thunar File Manager as default file manager;

· Xcompmgr-dana replaced Xcompmgr;

· Added the Recent Files pipemenu;

· Added the new keybind to read the upgraded DOC;

· Added a progress bar to show the current progress while copying files;

· Improved font rendering;

· A brand-new look;

· Smaller ISO image;

· Lots of bugs fixed.

"You can always build Arch w/ Openbox from scratch by following my guide to help you. If you don’t like the black & gray system tray icons, remove the following line in tint2rc: ‘systray_icon_asb = 100 -100 -25′" - added Willensky Aristide at the end of the announcement.

Review image
ArchBang Linux 2011.11

About ArchBang

ArchBang is a simple Linux distro based on Arch Linux and the OpenBox window manager. The emphasis is on ease of use and lightness. Along with the snappy window manager, the package selection is also geared for simplicity and performance.

However, this does not affect usability, since packages for most uses, including multimedia and photo editing, are included by default. It is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors and can be run from a LiveCD or USB drive as well as installed on a hard drive.

Download ArchBang 2011.11 right now from Softpedia. You can report bugs in the official ArchBang Linux bug thread.

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