ArchBang 2011.09 Includes the Linux 3.0.4-1 Kernel

ALSA has been replaced by OSS and the Noveau drivers are gone

ArchBang 2011.09 has been released. The latest update to the very lightweight distro brings with it the latest Linux kernel but also some updated packages, new wallpapers and some package changes, with plenty of apps having been removed.

The release is aimed at new users or those wanting a full reinstall, if you already have ArchBang installed on your system, all of the changes and updated packages have been pushed via update channel.

The big update in ArchBang 2011.09 is the latest Linux 3.0.4-1 kernel. Other packages have been updated to their latest versions as well.

ArchBang 2011.09 also adds a couple of new packages, Paccheck and Gucharmap. The latest release switches to the OSS sound libraries, ditching the more advanced ALSA. Along with it, Volumeicon has been replaced by ossmix.

The Tint2 panel and task bar has been replaced with Adeskbar. The Xfburn CD/DVD burning software for XFCE has been replaced by the Graveman front end for the CD/DVD burning command line tools.

LXRandR replaces the ARandR screen manager. The Zathura PDF viewer replaces Foxit Reader. Finally, Gcalctool has been replaced by galculator.

Several packages have been removed entirely. Xcompmngr, tintwizard, gsimplecal, aufs2, hal, dmenu, gksu and the Nouveau nvidia drivers have all gotten the boot.

Finally, ArchBang 2011.09 also comes with a fresh new look and some new fan-made wallpapers.

About ArchBang

ArchBang is a simple Linux distro based on Arch Linux and the OpenBox window manager. The emphasis is on ease of use and lightness.

Along with the snappy window manager, the package selection is also geared for simplicity and performance.

However, this does not affect usability, since packages for most uses, including multimedia and photo editing, are included by default.

It is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors and can be run from a LiveCD or USB drive as well as installed on a hard drive.

ArchBang 2011.09 is available for download here on Softpedia.

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