Appolicious Deliver Facebook App, URL Shortener

Along with the Twicker ad model

Social mobile app directory Appolicious is expanding the range of applications it has released on the market with the addition of a Facebook App, a Twicker ad model, and an URL Shortener. The company has just released an iPhone app, after raising $1.5 million in funding, and offers new applications for those interested in its social software solutions.

The apps from Appolicious will offer users the possibility to find various software in Apple’s App Store (which includes more than 100,000 apps) based on category or topic, and also adds social features into the mix. In other words, users will also have the possibility to share the software they find with friends on Twitter and Facebook, while also enabling them to review apps, and do more.

According to techcrunch, the new Appolicious Facebook app will enable users to access the newly released Curated App Lists from the company, which includes recommended lists of apps from other users, based on their hobbies and interests. As for the newly introduced Twicker, it comes as an ad format that enables advertisers to send customized messages to the Appolicious users via Twitter. These tweets will be seen on a ticker at the top of the site’s page, and sponsors will have to pay monthly for being able to advertise via Twicker.

Another solution Appolicious has just launched is the URL shortner, which is meant to enable the fast creation and sharing of shortened URLs linking directly to an application. All that one will need to do is to type the name of the iPhone app there, and will automatically complete the app name and provide a shortened URL for the link of the solution in the iTunes store, as well as for the page on Appolicious’ directory.

Appolicious is also set to expand the availability of its solutions to include Blackberry and other smartphone apps, it seems. However, its products will compete with similar applications available on the market, including mPlayit, a Facebook-based mobile app directory, techcrunch notes, adding that the URL shortener seems to be one of the greatest solutions, since it enables users find and link to any application on Apple’s App Store in a very simple manner.

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