Apple to Make iWork Documents Editable in-Browser, Job Listing Suggests

Cupertino is hiring a software engineer to work on Web application/services

Apple customers currently have some limited iWork functionality in the web interface of iCloud, but all this could change soon, if Apple’s job advertising site is any indication.

Apple’s iWork division is looking for a talented software QA engineer “to work on the next generation of Desktop, Mobile and Web application/services,” which can be translated into iWork-in-the-cloud.

In iCloud, Apple’s iWork suite is only viewable (not editable), but many users would really love to also be able to edit their documents in a web browser. And that’s what this new recruit will apparently do.

“This position requires a self-motivated individual with strong problem solving skills who can contribute in a dynamic team environment,” Apple adds.

The new recruit will need to have strong hands-on experience with QA methodologies and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent, among other listed requirements.

For those who aren’t very familiar with Apple’s iWork, it’s a productivity suite similar to Microsoft’s Office which offers three applications for word processing, doing spreadsheets, and making presentations.

Pages is a word processor and a page layout program that helps users create clean documents, newsletters, reports, and other types of files.

“With iCloud, you can create documents in Pages on your Mac and access them on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. And vice versa,” Apple states on the marketing pages of iWork.

“You can edit them from anywhere — on any device you use,” the company adds. Changes you make on one device are automatically updated on all your devices. And suddenly, any place is the easiest place to work.”

Apple’s wording is not entirely untrue, but you currently need the actual Pages application installed on the device you’re using to make edits. Soon though, Pages might not be a must for quick document editing when you’re away from the desk.

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