Apple to Devs: 'Get Your Apps Ready for iOS 4.2'

Enrolled iOS developers are being advised to consider acting fast on iOS 4.2 coding, should they want their apps to be supported when the company ships the new software next month.

According to two separate announcements on Apple’s iOS Dev Center, the new iOS release is going to be big, which means that developers looking to succeed in the this environment must take the appropriate steps to keep up with the changes.

“iOS 4.2 is coming this November. With iOS SDK 4.2 beta, you can add exciting, new features to your apps including the capability to print directly from iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. iPad apps can now take advantage of multitasking, Game Center, iAd, and more,” the first announcement, titled “Get Your Apps Ready for iOS 4.2” goes.

“iOS Developer Program members can log in to the iOS Dev Center to learn more and download the beta releases,” Apple reveals.

Yesterday, Softpedia reported that iOS 4.2 betas had become available for download, while today we issued reports covering the major new additions in Apple’s new software.

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A second announcement from Apple concerns Game Center, the Mac maker’s new gaming network for iOS gamers.

Apple urges those enrolled with the company’s developer program to ensure their app is properly enabled for the network before submitting the binary for review.

Cupertino elaborates, saying “If you plan to incorporate Game Center into your app, it's important to correctly enable Game Center in iTunes Connect before you submit it for review.”

The company proceeds to include the steps devs need to follow to enable their app for Game Center.

According to the documentation, iOS programmers must go to the Manage Game Center page from within the Manage Your Applications module in iTunes Connect and click on the Enable button.

“This will allow you to test your app in the sandbox and set up metadata for leaderboards and achievements,” Apple explains.

Next up, devs musy pay the Version Details page a visit and click on the Enable for this Version button.

“This will allow this specific version of your app to access Game Center once its live on the App Store, and lets you enable or disable leaderboard, achievement and multiplayer settings on a per-version basis,” Apple concludes.

Visit Apple here for more information on the latest changes occurring in the iOS world.

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