Apple to Carry iHealth Body Analysis Tools in Its Stores

iHealth MyVitals app gathers info from the hardware, sends it to your doctor

iHealth Labs Inc. has announced a new range of body analysis products slated to go on sale soon at major retailers, including Apple’s own glassy stores.

The iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor, Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor and Wireless Body Analysis Scale are already available at Best Buy and, says the company.

Apple stores will be rolling out the product later this month, according to iHealth.

The iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor allows you to measure your blood pressure using the iHealth MyVitals iPhone app.

The iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor tests, tracks and shares blood pressure analysis results wirelessly, using an upper-arm cuff.

Lastly, the iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale track a complete range of body metrics. You can watch over things like weight, body fat, lean mass, muscle mass, bone mass, body water, and Daily Calorie Intake.

iHealth MyVitals seamlessly brings all this information together making it a one-stop hub. Users can share their results with their doctors or personal trainers, and even on social media sites.

Adam Lin, general manager of iHealth Labs, says “Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.”

“Lifestyle changes such as utilizing an iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor or Body Analysis Scale can help equip users to make informed health decisions to significantly reduce their risk,” says Lin.

“By employing these simple to use products which connect with iOS devices to easily show progress, people can vastly improve their health and quality of life,” adds Lin.

The prices for each device can be found below in both US and EU currencies. The iOS app is completely free to download and use.

Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor – $79.95 / €62

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor – $99.95 / €77

Wireless Body Analysis Scale – $109.95 / €85

Download iHealth MyVitals iOS (Free)

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