Apple’s “iWatch” Is Being Designed by a Team of 100 People Bloomberg

The technology giant is finally tackling wearable computing, sources suggest

It seems that Apple’s next big thing will actually be one of the smallest products in its lineup – a wristwatch that reportedly takes cues from the iPhone and the iPad. According to an earlier report, Apple will use bendable glass in the “iWatch.”

Bloomberg has heard from its Apple connects that Tim Cook had commissioned a team of about 100 product designers to put the finishing touches on “a wristwatch-like device that may perform some of the tasks now handled by the iPhone and iPad.”

The product has been in development for quite some time, the report suggests. “The team, which has grown in the past year, includes managers, members of the marketing group, and software and hardware engineers who previously worked on the iPhone and iPad…”

Since the iWatch team has only “grown” in the past year, we can draw the conclusion that Apple has been serious about the wearable computing device for at least a couple of years.

Bloomberg itself notes that the team’s size is indicative of Apple’s decision to move “beyond the experimentation phase in its development,” citing the same sources who are allegedly familiar with Apple’s roadmap.

The report also includes a quote from Bruce Tognazzini, a technology consultant and former Apple employee, who wrote in a blog post last week, “The iWatch will fill a gaping hole in the Apple ecosystem.”

“Like other breakthrough Apple products, its value will be underestimated at launch, then grow to have a profound impact on our lives and Apple’s fortunes,” Tognazzini said.

Editor’s note

In a recent Personal Thoughts entry on our Mac section we noted the absence of a revolutionary release from Apple under Tim Cook’s lead, suggesting that the CEO had a tough mission if he wanted to be regarded as a good CEO for Apple, not just a master at operations.

We mentioned the rumored iTV as a potential new product that could generate positive headlines for Apple. The iWatch reports then came out.

There’s a good chance Apple is poised to take on wearable computing before attempting to take over our living rooms.

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