Apple’s iPad mini Is Now in Production, Two Solid Sources Say

8-inch tablet already experiencing manufacturing issues, analysts say

Apple suppliers in Asia are now mass producing the rumored 8-inch tablet device referred to as “iPad mini” in the media, according to analysts at Barclays. A report from the Wall Street Journal corroborates these claims.

Apple is reportedly scrambling to manufacture the iPad mini as “mass production could be experiencing some delays,” says Kirk Yang at Barclays.

According to a note from Ben Reitzes, another Apple analyst at Barclays, manufacturing partner Pegatron is struggling with the screens.

Apple is still expected to launch the product this month, but supplies could be strained, said the analysts.

“Our colleague, Barclays Asia IT Hardware Analyst, Kirk Yang, believes iPad mini mass production could be experiencing some delays,” Reitzes wrote in a research note published by Business Insider.

Reitzes quotes his colleague as saying that the product will ship before the holidays, and that it will garner 10 million units from now through December.

“If accurate, we should still see a launch event for the product in the next few weeks from Apple, perhaps packaged with new Macs and other software initiatives,” said Reitzes.

“…Mr. Yang notes that iPad mini full volume production might not start in September as a result of yield issues stemming from a switch to using ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) films for touch panels, moving away from ITO glass,” Reitzes added.

“Second, Kirk believes a lack of assembly experience with the smaller bezel (expected on the iPad mini) could slow Pegatron’s ramp,” he said. “However, our expectations for an official launch in October remain intact – as Hon Hai could compensate for shortfalls at Pegatron.”

Perhaps not coincidentally, the reputable Wall Street Journal is out with confirmation that Apple is indeed mass producing the new iPad mini, citing two insiders as saying that the tablet will have a 7.85-inch non-Retina display.

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