Apple’s iPad Is the Tablet of Choice in the Pharma Industry

New research sheds light on iOS adoption in healthcare, business, education

Research and Markets has published the “iPad and Smartphone Use in the Pharma Industry” report which analyzes the overall market for iPads, iPhones, and other platforms in the pharmaceutical market. The report also looks at the opportunities presented by iOS devices in the life sciences sector.

Citing an unspecified study, Research and Markets reveals that almost two-thirds of doctors and physicians in the United States have adopted tablet devices, most of which are iPads.

Moreover, 70 percent of those who haven’t been acquainted with the iPad plan to buy a tablet over the next year.

The pharma industry in particular has had a keen eye for the potential of Apple’s iPad. The same goes for the life sciences industry, where Apple devices are the top choice for processes and operations, says the white-paper.

“Though not known for rapidly adopting new ideas and technologies, the pharmaceutical industry took to the tablet PC as a great sales tool and a new way to communicate with and educate consumers,” according to Research and Markets.

Apple’s massive App Store seems to be the main driver behind this rapid adoption. According to the research, “There are unprecedented opportunities for leveraging consumer and company iPad adoption through app development.”

“Many pharma companies are using iPads in house to streamline processes and empower their staff,” reads the report.

From sales representatives using iPads in their interaction with physicians, to research labs and production processes, Apple’s iOS platforms have been deployed across a huge range of applications in the healthcare industry, particularly in pharmaceutical environments, the research showed.

“Apps are now available for reading electronic medical and health records and a host of other uses. Companies are developing apps for their internal processes,” says the report.

Researchers in the field estimate that there are over 13,000 health-related apps in Apple’s iTunes Store alone as of July 2012.

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