Apple’s Rumored HDTV Could Use AMOLED Display

OLED Association says Apple poached a researcher from LG Display

Apple is taking its time testing every possible scenario where an HDTV would make sense. Some believe this approach is hurting the company’s stock price, but the Cupertino mammoth could be cooking up something big.

OLED Association has issued a report discussing Apple’s situation, including the company’s notable stock devaluation in the past few months.

Like us, the association believes Apple can only turn things around for itself by launching an all-new product. And that product is a full-fledged Apple-branded HD television set, according to their analysis.

The report specifically states, “The world doesn’t need another prognosticator but we can comment on Apple’s recent hire, Jueng –jil (James) Lee--a former Research fellow from LG Display and a senior person in  LG Display’s R&D effort to create a printed AMOLED TV.”

Just throwing this tidbit in there might make it sound like a minor development in Apple’s road to take over the living room. However, OLED Association says it’s big. Really big!

“Prior to joining LG Display, Dr. Lee was responsible for development at Cambridge Display Technology (CDT, now Sumitomo), the leading developer of solution-based polymer based OLED material,” the report states.

“Dr. Lee is a part of the CTO’s organization and will draw on resources from Apple’s display group. He is no doubt more knowledgeable about OLEDs that any of Apple’s current staff, which is known to be quite strong,” it adds.

In other words, if Apple was already serious about its upcoming iTV, the company is getting down to business now.

It’s still too early to tell whether such plans will materialize in 2013. Analysts say we still have to wait until next year to get a glimpse at the Apple television.

Either way, “The display industry needs a new growth leader to spur the increase in equipment utilization and Apple desperately needs a new product that can rival the revenue growth of the smartphone and the tablet,” OLED Association reports.

“So perhaps, the wonders of OLEDs combined with the creativity of Apple’s new user interface with spur growth for both entities,” the association concludes.

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