Apple’s Reluctance to Give the iPhone 5 Some Pop Comes Back to Bite

Nokia picks on the iPhone 5 in the latest ad campaign featuring the Lumia 920

Just days before Tim Cook & Co. lifted the cloth off their brand spanking iPhone 5, we released a personal thoughts piece on the possibility of seeing the first iPhone line with multi-color models. On September 12, our theory got shattered. But Nokia seems to resonate with us.

Apple sells the iPhone 5 in Black & Slate and White & Silver, which is already a small departure from the company’s monochrome designs, but still nothing to get excited about. In short, there’s nothing new in the color department.

And most people agree that the iPhone 5 really isn’t all that different from its predecessors (the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S) from a visual standpoint. At least not until you grasp one.

With this in mind, on September 8 – four days ahead of the iPhone 5 unveiling – we theorized that the anodized aluminum shell of the new generation of iPhones might finally bring some pop to the Apple smartphone line. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

The iPhone still sells in what is basically a two-tone white or black, restricting the customer’s options. Which is exactly what Nokia is using in a new ad campaign promoting the new Lumia 920.

Depicting Apple fanatics as drones in an Orwellian society where everyone stays in line to pay Big Brother the big bucks to ultimately receive the iPhone 5 as some sort of drug, Nokia's new TV commercial throws in a much-needed splash of color – a wake-up call, if you will.

Subtitled “Time to Switch,” the TV spot does a good job at raising awareness about the customer’s options when making a Nokia purchase.

The clip doesn’t have a very witty ending, though, which is really a shame considering this competitor’s elegant approach to counter marketing.

See the commercial below, and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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