Apple’s Product Strategy Behind the New-Generation iPad Launch

Market research firm delves deep into the implications for the tablet market

Research and Markets has a new report on Apple titled "Apple's Product Strategy and Its implications for the New iPad Launch and Subsequent Industry Development."

As its name implies, the report offers insight into the implications for the tablet industry as a whole caused by Apple's high-resolution-display targeting strategy.

Research and Markets explains that “Apple's third-generation iPad, dubbed the new iPad, was [sic] officially hit the market on March 8 in Taiwan.”

“Compared to the iPad 2, the new iPad advances in its technical specs including panel resolutions, camera lens, graphics performance and network communications technology as well as more Apple's software applications,” it adds. “With the improved technical specs, the new iPad, however, is still priced at under US$499.”

The report then delves into the meanings of Apple's product strategy behind the new generation iPad launch and the impact of its product strategy on the tablet industry.

It offers a tech-specs comparison of the iPad 2 and new iPad and looks at a few discrepancies between Apple’s tablet offerings and those of Amazon.

The key topics covered include:

1. Apple Sustains Its Product Strategy: Selling Better Quality Products at Similar Prices

2. Hardware-led Content Services Create Long-term Advantages

2.1 High Resolution Panels Increasing Barriers to Entry for Other Manufacturers

2.2 High Specs Hardware Designed for Application Differentiation

2.3 Possible Unification of Macs and iOS to Help Provide Consistent User Experiences

3.The Two-product Line Strategy Lower Barriers to Purchase for iPad Buyers

4. Conclusion

4.1 Apple Marches into Home Video Market with High Resolution iPad and iCloud Service

4.2 Apple's Possible Adoption of Multiple Product Strategy Expected to Help Enlarge Its Market Share

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