DriveSavers Offers Recovery Solutions for Apple’s Fusion Drive Updated

Hybrid storage solutions come with their advantages and drawbacks, experts say

The data recovery experts at DriveSavers are offering a new set of services for Apple’s new Fusion Drive noting that, although complicated, Apple’s hybrid storage solution doesn’t present any challenges to the company.

The company’s engineers reportedly tested a Fusion Drive from one of Apple’s new Macs and developed new proprietary methods that apply to hybrid storage solutions, in order to recover data “should an unthinkable failure occur.”

Apple’s Fusion Drive is made up of two separate drives – one hard disk drive (HDD) and one solid-state drive (SSD).

The data recovery experts caution that “If one drive fails, the data on both drives is lost.”

DriveSavers built a test environment in which it was able to prove that data can be recovered from a failed Fusion Drive.

Mike Cobb, director of engineering at DriveSavers Data Recovery, says, “We couldn’t wait to get our hands on the Fusion Drive.”

“The integration of solid-state technology with a hard drive is a new approach to storing data at the consumer level so we were excited to see how it worked,” adds Cobb.

“The Fusion Drive is complicated but we can successfully recover data from it quickly in our certified secure environment.”

Chris Bross, strategic technology alliance manager, chimes in to say that “Recovering data from the Fusion Drive is not for the weak at heart.”

Bross elaborates saying, “It’s a complex storage solution that combines two completely different technologies to give Apple customers more speed with higher capacity.”

However, Bross is confident that DriveSavers’ engineers - who have years of experience with Apple gear and Flash technology - "[have] the edge to innovate and quickly overcome the data recovery challenges associated with the Fusion Drive.”

Update: the article has been updated to clarify that Fusion Drive doesn't pose a higher risk of data loss.

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