Apple’s Ex IP Officer Goes “Nesting”

Nest Labs hires Apple’s former Chief Intellectual Property Officer, Richard Lutton

Nest Labs, Inc. has just announced that they’ve hired a former Apple staffer as vice president and general counsel. Richard “Chip” Lutton, Jr. is the former Chief Intellectual Property Officer of the Cupertino, California-based Apple Inc.

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On to the new hiring, long-time Nest advisor and former Apple chief patent counsel, Richard “Chip” Lutton, Jr., is joining Nest as Vice President & General Counsel.

Calling Lutton one of Silicon Valley’s best and brightest, Tony Fadell, Nest founder and CEO, said in a statement today, “Chip has provided invaluable counsel as an advisor to Nest, and we couldn’t be happier that he’s decided to join us full time.”

Fadell is also a former Apple employee. He has been the Senior Vice President of the iPod Division at Apple Inc.

“New, disruptive companies are often at a disadvantage when it comes to defending their innovations, especially when established competitors are desperate to maintain the status quo. At Nest, we understand the importance of having a general counsel who is also an established, seasoned and well-respected intellectual property expert,” Fadell said.

“I’ve worked with Tony for more than a decade – first at Apple and more recently as an advisor to Nest,” said Richard Lutton. “What he and the Nest team have built is incredibly inspiring – the company has been disruptive from day one and has no plans to slow down. I’m excited to help Nest drive and defend its innovative products and business culture.”

Fadell trusts that Lutton will do his firm justice, as he “understands the importance of protecting intellectual property, which is particularly important at an innovative company like Nest.”

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