Apple’s Brilliant Marketing Is Back

Actor Jeff Daniels makes a clear difference in the new iPhone ad campaign

For over a year, Apple’s ability to churn up really clever ads seemed to have diminished − a change some believe is linked to the passing of its iconic co-founder, the visionary genius, Steve Jobs. With the latest iPhone ads, however, Apple seems to be back on track.

Featuring actor, musician, and playwright Jeff Daniels as the voiceover, the new iPhone 5 TV spots are remarkably well done.

Daniels, pictured above, is best known for his appearances in films like Dumb and Dumber (1994), and God of Carnage (2009).

Apple seems to be going back to its roots with four concise TV spots that bring out the best in the latest iPhone, as well as the EarPods that ship with it.

Daniels’ humorous tone and the new emphasis on simplicity puts Apple back in the advertising spotlight.

Even though the company’s iPhone ads haven’t changed much over the years, Apple seemed to be lacking inspiration recently. Not anymore, though.

Why flash dozens of images in half a minute, dazzling the viewer, when you can just describe one key feature in a relaxed and concise manner, sending a clear message that’s sure to be remembered?

The ad titled “Thumb” is a perfect example of that. It explains why the iPhone is longer, but not wider. Period.

“Cheese” demonstrates the Panorama feature, and “Ears” pokes fun at the weirdness of the human ear to show off the new headphones that ship with the iPhone 5 and some new iPods.

Finally, “Physics” goes to short lengths (if you will) to create a paradox where less is more.

There are no unnecessary extras in the 30-second clips, and nothing worth mentioning about these features is left out.

We expect Apple to release more such featurettes in the months to come, and we applaud the Cupertino giant for getting its marketing swag back on. We’ll be sure to report on future ads as they start rolling.

For a crystal-clear viewing experience, you can watch the new ads at a higher resolution over at Apple’s web site.

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