Apple's Australian Lawsuit Against Samsung Explodes

Just when you thought things were starting to settle down, this happens

Apple really didn't appreciate seeing Samsung win the appeal in Australia, the one that lifted the ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, so it figured it would raise its voice a little more.

At least that's what we would say if “a little more” wasn't such a massive understatement.

We'll just throw it out there: Apple filed a new lawsuit against 10 Samsung devices, encompassing 278 claims across 22 patents.

Apple must not have thought that the antitrust investigation that Samsung got slapped with by the European Commission was enough of a “bonus” over the legal quarrels already going on.

Samsung asked to be given time until mid-May to study the new claims, or so the report states.

We're going to sit back and watch in stunned silence how global corporations just can't seem to stop bashing each other.

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