Apple Rumored to Work with Swatch and Others to Release an iWatch

The Cupertino-based company is about to release multiple versions of the wristwatch

New rumors suggest that Apple is hard at work with at least one partner and they will get involved in creating multiple watches that are technology-infused. 
The unconfirmed news comes from Venture Beat. According to them, Apple has partnered Swatch as their one of the first makers for the iWatch. This rumored partnership will bring a variety of branded styles and price points. 
Venture Beat believes that the media and analysts have been wrongly focused on the idea that the iWatch is just one device. In the meantime, Apple has actually created multiple versions of their technology-infused watches that are both smart and stylish. According to  Venture Beat's sources, Apple and its partners are set to offer a family of smartwatches to suit all tastes "from geek to chic."
Apple's interest would be to push iOS-related features, notifications and Health Kit ecosystems to millions of wrists, so they are not looking to brand a device, but rather to embrace all makers and give them something extra. It would be just like the automobile industry partnerships Apple signed a year ago in order to release CarPlay.
Venture Beat has noticed that the Swatch Group has changed their branding and style and they are not selling plastic goofy wrist watches anymore. The report does not exclude the idea of Swatch making an Apple-branding watch after all. Venture Beat's source believes that Apple is probably working with Timex on one or more smartwatches. The company is already behind a brand of fitness watches, and that may have convinced Apple to go with this idea. 
The smartwatch industry is currently split between Samsung, LG, Motorola, Pebble and Sony. Their models all share the same idea: a smartwatch is a square or round bulky device that pairs with a smartphone to deliver notification and uses sensors to measure fitness activities. 
Venture Beat believes that Apple's smartwatch will have no cellular radio and will rely heavily on smartphones for communications and content. The devices will use low-powered Bluetooth to get notifications from iPhone or iPad.
Apple has partnered other big companies in the recent past. Nike's fitness tracking technology was included in iPod touch and iPhone. The new venture, however, is designed to be not only tech-related but to address fashion-minded people. In a world like that, a one-size-fits-all device won't make it. 
Apple has reportedly hired big names in the watch and fitness tracking industry, so a rumor like this won't be too far-fetched, although it is unlike Apple to dilute their brand and technology in too many small device.

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