Apple iPad mini Prices Reportedly Leaked

The starting price for an iPad mini is apparently set at $320 (€249)

The iPad mini is expected to be unveiled by Apple on October 23 and because we’re only a few days away from the launch event, price rumors have started reaching the web.

Mobile Geeks rolled out a leaked screenshot showing what appears to be the official prices for the new Apple device across the Old Continent.

According to this photo, the iPad mini is going to be released in eight different versions, with prices to start at $320 (€249) for an 8GB version with Wi-Fi.

The 16GB version is priced at $450 (€349), again with Wi-Fi only, while those looking for cellular coverage may have to pay $450 (€349) for the 8GB package and $580 (€449) for the 16GB flavor.

The top version of the iPad mini will offer 64 GB of storage space and will be priced at $840 (€649) for the cellular model and $710 (€549) for the Wi-Fi-only edition.

As always, the Cupertino-based iPhone creator is keeping all things secret, so we can’t tell for sure whether these prices are accurate or not.

The only thing we have at this point is an All Things D report claiming that Apple plans to launch the iPad mini on October 23 during a “special event.”

Surprisingly, Apple’s invitation-only launch is only three days ahead from the debut of what’s considered a potential iPad killer, Microsoft’s very own Surface tablet.

Microsoft plans to introduce the Surface on October 25, during the same New York event that’s going to witness the first public appearance of the brand new Windows 8 operating system.

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