Apple: We're Going to Fix MacBook Trackpad Issues

Apple allegedly responds to next-gen trackpad complaints

What Apple touted as an innovative feature of the new MacBook line, the button-free glass trackpad, has proven to be the source of numerous disappointments regarding the new line of notebooks. While Apple was coy about admitting the issues at first, reliable sources indicate that the company is now responding to the widespread problem of trackpads that don't register clicks.

At first, only a couple of users dared report issues with their new MacBooks. Soon after, forums were filled with complaints from people who claimed the glass-covered trackpad on their MacBook was failing to register clicks, reports PCPro.

"Every 50 clicks, my trackpad will stop responding for five to clicks," reports one poster. "Generally this will resolve itself given a few seconds, and is not directly dependent on number of times the trackpad is clicked while unresponsive."

"This click problem is driving me insane,” another user says. “I don't even attempt to use this machine unless I'm at a desk using a mouse. On the couch, I use my old Macbook Pro. They better fix this."

One user actually went on to e-mail Apple's CEO on the issue. Steve Jobs apparently called up on the support staff, and had them get in touch with the user by phone. According to the user, Apple's employee said the company would be "researching the clicking issue," but that "they have no resolution of it." Allegedly, the representative also took a cautious stand, telling the user "there’s not really an official acknowledgment of it," therefore they couldn’t help him for the time being. Nevertheless, "they are checking into it because they’ve heard the complaint frequently," the same user reported.

On a very short notice, however, Apple seems to have acknowledged the issues as widespread, with World of Apple reporting that “today the situation has been fortified further as an email coming from Steve Jobs’ email account reveals that a 'software fix is coming soon'."

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