Apple Wants Nothing to Do with Your Cracking White MacBook

Widely reported as faulty, the old notebook continues to give headaches to users

Seemingly, Apple acts on promise on one side, and fails to deliver on the other. Yet another blogger has revealed that Apple's White MacBook is suffering from some kind of disease, as the cases on these babies continue to spontaneously crack. Apple has apparently scrubbed the bottom case from the list of components covered by the company's standard warranty, the blog post shows.

Upon getting his notebook back from Apple's technicians, who seemed to have done a good job until then, fixing a bunch of inoperative keys, the Romanian blogger was startled to find that Apple no longer covered the bottom case of his White MacBook. The top case and keyboard were still a go for Apple's Limited Warranty, according to the Apple repair service document accompanying the post.

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Rather than acknowledge the issues, Apple doesn't cover the faulty part and has the user pay for his replacement

Not surprisingly, the White MacBook recently started to show the same symptoms as reported by hundreds of users – case suddenly cracks without any outside intervention, the post reveals on. The blogger stresses that he's been using the old MacBook model in very notebook-friendly environments, yet still experienced the widespread issues.

“Considering I've been using my computer in bed for 80 percent of the time, only occasionally taking it outdoors... I think the situation could have been much worse,” goes a rough translation of the blog post.

In conclusion, the blogger asserts, “Apple has no problem selling a faulty product, refusing to repair it based on warranty. I wonder if this is a policy reserved only for Romania, or if it's the way Apple does things [in general] worldwide,” he says.

Avid Softpedia readers may remember reports of White MacBooks suddenly showing faint black lines on their housing, or underneath the glossy surface of the laptop's case. Other customers reported discoloration issues. Still, most of the disappointed users reported cracks.

Needless to say, your feedback is greatly appreciated. So, why don't you help us answer the burning question: has Apple turned its back on White MacBook owners?

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