Apple WWDC 2011 May Land June 5th, Moscone Listings Suggest

Apple may kick off its WWDC 2011 event on June 5th, according to a “corporate meeting” listing spotted at the Moscone Center official website.

Historically, Moscone Center listings have successfully predicted Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference annual gathering.

This year was a miss, as far as interpreting the Moscone schedule goes, but it doesn’t hurt to note that the Moscone events page currently shows a "Corporate Meeting" in Moscone West occupying those dates.

The listing was spotted by, and picked up by which points out that such annotations previously predicted Apple's WWDC event, but not with complete accuracy.

The rumor site throws its own speculation into the mix, noting that the dates correspond with leaked tentative dates from a San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau PDF.

These dates include the June 5th - June 10th timeframe, as well as four others.

WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) is an important annual event for Apple which has withdrawn its presence from various trade-shows, including the widely popular Macworld convention.

Apple is known to be planning a developer preview of Mac OS X Lion, the company’s latest OS for Macintosh desktop computers and laptops.

Lion was unveiled at Apple’s October 20 “Back to the Mac” event which focused on unifying functions like Exposé, Dashboard, and Spaces via ‘Mission Control’, and introduces the Launchpad, a new home for Mac apps.

The new OS will also bring system-wide support for full screen apps, and will ship with the Mac App Store pre-installed, Apple confirmed during the Mac OS X Lion ‘sneak peek’ in October.

In late April 2010, Apple issued an official report confirming that its annual Worldwide Developers Conference for the year would kick off on June 7, at San Francisco’s Moscone West.

Tickets for the event were already sold out by May 7th. The company had also announced that the Apple Design Awards for 2010 would focus entirely on the iPhone.

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