Apple Store for Resellers Now Open for Business

The Apple Store for Resellers has seen some modifications recently, with Apple adding the possibility to create templates for common orders which can be used by authorized purchasing agents from corporations, schools, or by consultants.

A report by AppleInsider points out to the revamped store, informing that consultants and institutions with an Apple account can set up online orders via templates, whether they are the ones creating them, or whether they choose an existing one.

Members of an organization can log in and create proposals for orders, then have an authorized purchasing agent approve and convert the proposal to an actual order.

Order status for recent purchases is also tracked by the new system.

However, companies, schools, consultants, training centers and certified trainers can set up a direct relationship with Cupertino via the the online Apple Business Store, which operates worldwide, the source pinpoints.

“The Apple Store for Resellers, which is your place to configure and place orders with Apple, is now open,” the Cupertino, California-based technology giant informs. "Please visit to use the new online store,” Apple adds.

The Mac maker follows with a link to a short video about the new store’s features and the advantages it poses. A short list of such benefits is also provided, with Apple outlining the following:

- User experience based on your role and profile

- Product catalog customized to your account

- Quickly create a cart based on part numbers

- Use templates to simplify repeat ordering

- Find proposals for easy order converstion

- Detailed order lookup with 8 months of histoty

“The Apple Store for Resellers, available at, is your place to configure and place orders with Apple,” the company adds, according to a screenshot posted by AppleInsider (available above).

“If you have questions about the store or how to contact Apple, be sure to use the help links at the bottom of the store pages, or contact Apple Sales Support,” Apple instructs.

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