Apple Store Down - Beefed-Up Macs, Magic Trackpad Expected Updated

Apple takes down its online store for maintenance

The recently constrained stock of Macintosh computers has kicked off rumors saying that revamped configurations were to arrive soon. Add to the mix pundit John Gruber’s suggestions that speed-bumped Macs are coming today, and we’ve got just about every bit of confirmation that hardware upgrades are, indeed on the way. And when the company takes down the store saying it’s with the purpose of updating it, what else are we to expect if not a direct confirmation from Apple itself.

According to various reports recently posted in light of said shortages, the change of stock quantity was inline earlier rumors that suggested the same outcome - iMac and Mac Pro refreshes. In the meantime, however, Apple has received approval for what is rumored to be an all-new product from Cupertino - the Magic Trackpad, a touch-centric device reportedly designed for user input on desktop Macs. Tech-pundit John Gruber, who is generally accurate on such matters, believes the company is on track to release the new product alongside the beefed-up Macs today.

Sources close to Apple’s distributors have recently revealed that the Mac maker warned suppliers of constrained stock of the entry level 21.5-inch, 3.06GHz iMac, signaling that a re-filling of stock was not to be expected. The move implied that production of this particular iMac model had ceased. Soon after, other iMac shortages were spotted, alongside depleted stocks of Mac Pros. Combined, these reports spelled an imminent hardware upgrade from Apple which, today, seems to have been fully confirmed.

Apple generally takes just over an hour to update its store with goodies, therefore we can expect the venue to get back online soon. In the meanwhile, tell us what your wishes are in terms of upcoming Mac configurations. Also, how do you think that Magic Trackpad (if it is even confirmed) is going to be used?

Update: although Apple still has some work to do to get the online store up and running, the company has confirmed the availability of new hardware via its press room. Apple has launchged a revamped iMac line, new Mac Pro workstations, the rumored Magic Trackpad, as well as a new 27-inch LED Cinema Display. Learn more here.

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