Apple Retracts “Lightning” Restrictions, POP Charge Station Back on Kickstarter

Project co-founder Jamie Siminoff is ecstatic following Apple’s change of heart

Great news for those who pledged a sum of cash to make James Siminoff’s POP charger a reality! Apple is backtracking on its stringent rules regarding the Lightning standard being bundled with other types of connectors, effectively putting the controversial Kickstarter project back online.

About a week ago, two entrepreneurs named Jamie Siminoff and Edison Junior were reported $11,000 / €8,330 short after being forced to close down one of the biggest Kickstarter projects ever completed.

The project in question was the POP, a multi-platform charge station that bundled Apple’s new Lighting connector with several other types of plugs, including the old 30-pin dock also designed by Apple.

The Cupertino giant had some strict rules regarding its Lightning connection standard which eventually forced the two POP founders to shut down their project.

The amount of cash they needed to reimburse to their backers (including credit card fees) was $11,000 / €8,330. “Was,” because Apple has apparently lifted the restrictions surrounding the POP charging station.

In a statement provided to CNet, Apple said, “Our technical specifications provide clear guidelines for developing accessories and they are available to MFi licensees for free.”

“We support accessories that integrate USB and Lightning connectors, but there were technical issues that prevented accessories from integrating 30-pin and Lightning connectors so our guidelines did not allow this,” a company representative said.

Apple told the publication that the guidelines have since been updated to allow accessories like the POP to support both Lightning and 30-pin docking standards.

Jamie Siminoff said, “It's great news. It's crazy. If you had asked me yesterday morning ‘what did we think was going to come out of this?’ I wouldn't have even thought anybody -- not even a line-level employee -- would have seen this at Apple.”

Interested parties can now order their own POP charging station over at the product's official site.

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