Apple Retail Staffers Form Union to Demand Better Treatment

As Apple prepares to celebrate 10 years of booming retail, some of company’s staffers who believe are not compensated for their hard work are forming a boycotting group to spread the word that Apple retail is not what we see in the promotional videos.

“We are launching today to get fellow employees, shoppers, and the world know that we work in one of the most demanding retail environments while suffering through unfair treatment and compensation among many other various issues… We deserve better. Our time has come,” reads a statement on behalf of the Apple Retail Workers Union., according to

They’re hoping to group together as many dissatisfied staffers as possible to have resounding on voice on Sunday, when Apple is to announce an “Apple Store 2.0” initiative.

You can count on the author of the CrApple Store blog to be part of that group.

We’d go as far as to speculate it could well be the same person who, now blog-less, won't rest until Apple is exposed for its allegedly unfair treatment of the retail staffers.

Just as well, you can count on Apple (Steve Jobs) to issue a defending statement saying that its retail organization boasts a well-established system of compensating everyone for their work. Whatever truth, what else could they say, right?

Either way, there will clearly be something to talk about this weekend as Apple is reportedly supplying stores with customized iPads and training materials for staffers to study in the hours leading up to the Apple Store 2.0 announcement.

The Apple Retail 10th anniversary event will be celebrated worldwide, say people who were privy to the company’s plans.

There is no word on where the ‘Apple Retail Workers Union’ will strike, but it will most likely be in the United States, where Apple has the most outlets.

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