Apple Releases New Versions of iWork for OS X and iOS

Mac update adds support for iWork iOS 1.7 apps, recommended for all 9.0 users

Office workers using Apple’s productivity suite iWork have a new update to install should they also employ the iOS counterparts of Pages, Keynote and Numbers for day to day activities.

A new iWork update is available from Apple adding support for iWork for iOS 1.7 apps, according to the company’s Support site. “Pages 4.3, Numbers 2.3, and Keynote 5.3 are updated to support iWork for iOS 1.7 apps,” reads the changelog.

Customers have two separate updating methods to choose from. Those who use the whole bundle of apps can simply download the iWork 9.3 installer and be done with the whole shebang.

Those who use only one or two iWork apps can download the individual updates from the Mac App Store (links below).

Download iWork Updater

Download Pages for Mac OS X

Download Keynote for Mac OS X

Download Numbers for Mac OS X

There are no new features or fixes included with the Mac OS X releases. The iOS builds, however, hold quite a number of enhancements.

Pages 1.7 allows iPhone and iPad owners to use “Change Tracking” to track changes to body text in a document, accept and reject individual changes, import Pages and Microsoft Word documents with change tracking, and preserve tracked changes and table calculations in exported documents.

The update also adds reflections to shapes and lock and unlock features to objects.

Numbers 1.7 lets you hide and unhide rows and columns, import and export Mac spreadsheets with filters (as well as toggle filters on and off), and preserve rich text in tables when importing and exporting.

Reflections and locking abilities are also part of this update.

Finally, Keynote 1.7 iOS imports and exports all Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote for Mac slide sizes, presentation themes (complete with master slides and preset styles), and has the ability to play back all Keynote action builds.

New slide transitions are included (Shimmer and Sparkle, as well as others). The aforementioned reflection and locking abilities are included as well. So is the ability to preserve calculations in tables when doing imports / exports.

Lastly, there are some new print layout options to print with presenter notes, builds, or without backgrounds.

Download Pages iOS

Download Keynote iOS

Download Numbers iOS

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