Apple Releases Documentation on Disney Movies Anywhere and iTunes Store

Customers to learn about Disney Movies Anywhere and their iTunes account

Shortly after Disney launched its free Movies Anywhere app for iPhone and iPad, Apple felt it was necessary to clarify for everyone what this service means and how users can engage with the Disney offerings on their iDevices and even desktop computers.

To explain Disney Movies Anywhere, Apple this week posted KB article HT6129, which states that “Disney Movies Anywhere is a service that lets you browse and watch your collection of eligible Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies, along with bonus material and exclusive videos.”

The Cupertino giant entices customers by telling them that, using the service, they can manage an entire digital movie collection as well as stream and download their favorite Disney films in an instant. Best of all, the content is available across a variety of devices, including iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, and Windows PC.

An Apple ID can have up to ten devices associated with it, and each computer must be authorized with that identical Apple ID to use Disney Movies Anywhere.

“When you connect your Disney Movies Anywhere account to your iTunes Store account, eligible Disney movies become available to watch and download from either account,” Apple continues.

Customers have the option to download Disney Movies Anywhere for free on their iDevice (iOS 7 required), or access Disney Movies Anywhere on their computer through

The documentation includes lengthy answers (and guides) to frequently asked questions, such as:

“How do I connect my iTunes account?”

“Can I use Disney Movies Anywhere if I'm outside of the United States?”

“How do I disconnect my iTunes account?”

“Can I watch my Disney Movies Anywhere eligible movies through iTunes?”

“Why are some movies I purchased from the iTunes store missing from my Disney Movies Anywhere account?”

To connect your Disney Movies Anywhere account with your iTunes account, simply go to Settings > Account > Connect Accounts, select iTunes to begin, and you’ll be redirected to iTunes.

“Once completed, you can return to Disney Movies Anywhere and visit the Connect Accounts section to confirm that you've connected your accounts,” Apple reveals.

“You may only connect one account at a time and switch accounts every 180 days. Connecting your iTunes account syncs all of your eligible Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies between both services,” the company adds.

Visit Apple’s Support site at to learn everything there is to know about Disney Movies Anywhere and iTunes Store. See our previous story for more information about the free Disney Movies Anywhere iOS app.

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