Apple Launches New $199 / €199 iPod touch with 5MP iSight Camera

The device will have a rear-facing iSight camera and six color choices

Despite posting declining iPod sales every quarter for the past few years, Apple still ships a lot of iPod touch players annually. Not only does the Cupertino company not want to phase it out, it actually wants to spur sales of the device by introducing a new model that’s priced more attractively.

The fifth-generation iPod touch is nothing short of amazing, from every possible standpoint: it looks awesome, it runs the world’s most advanced mobile operating system (though Droid fans would probably beg to differ), and it can download and run just about one million applications from a venue known as the iTunes Store.

It also has cameras and you can use it as a video chatting device. There’s one problem, though. It’s not exactly cheap, and considering that the iPhone has everything from the iPod touch, plus a cellular function, there’s not much incentive for some people to go out and grab the player.

All that might change starting today, as Apple has introduced an all-new version of the player at a much more attractive price and featuring the previously-discontinued, rear-facing, 5-megapixel iSight camera.

We’re talking about the 16GB iPod touch, which was originally introduced only in Space Gray and without the iSight camera. Now it comes in all six color options and sports the much-needed iSight on the back, all for just $199 / €199. Granted, it’s still not the cheapest portable player you can buy, but knowing the bang you get for your buck, it makes more sense than ever to consider purchasing one.

According to Apple’s US store listings, the new iPod touch is available to ship in 24 hours in Space Gray, Silver, Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Red (as in PRODUCT RED).

As a result of the initiative, the other two remaining capacities are also seeing their prices cut to $249 / €249 (32GB) and $299 / €299 (64GB), respectively.

One notable item missing from the 16GB model’s box is the “loop” used to strap the player around the wrist. For this particular model Apple sells it separately.

Emphasizing its photography capabilities, the company notes that “iPod touch comes with iOS 7, offering more than 200 features including Camera app filters that let you easily add real-time photo effects.”

“Additionally, the Photos app offers ways to automatically organize your photos based on time and location,” the company continues. “With iCloud Photo Sharing, it’s simple to share photos and videos with exactly the people you want to see them and your friends and family can comment and access their shared streams from any iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch, Mac or PC at any time.”

Offering further incentive to buy the player, Apple points out that, starting this fall, iPod touch will run iOS 8. Visit the Apple online store to view the player up close.

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