Apple Puts Siri on iPhone 4, Considering Release Candidate - Report

Source close to Apple suggests there’s a ‘special’ software update on the way

Apple has reportedly installed Siri on a number of iPhone 4 devices internally and is carrying out tests to decide whether or not to release the feature for devices other than the iPhone 4S.

Siri, the personal assistant feature that is exclusive to the iPhone 4S, has become the hot topic of discussion this year, as more and more people begin to understand the power of voice-activated commands.

Unfortunately for most Apple fans, Siri is only available to those who purchased the company’s latest iPhone. The device features a slightly modified A5 chip and a high-fidelity microphone - both key hardware features that leverage Siri’s powerful capabilities.

But tests carried out by various tech-savvy people have revealed that Siri runs well on the iPhone 4. And Apple is now considering a release candidate of the feature for all iPhone 4 owners, according to a source close to Apple speaking to JBN.

This source says “Apple is testing Siri on devices other than the iPhone 4S” and specifically, the iPhone 4 was mentioned, though Apple is likely making tests on all iDevices that carry a mic, including the iPad.

Apple has given technicians access to a “special software version that incorporates Siri’s features on to older devices,” this source reportedly said. This person also suggested that users may see the software update soon.

Editor’s note

The JBN report doesn’t bear any ‘clues’ that the info may have been invented for page views, but it’s also not 100% convincing either.

Keep in mind that Apple has considered Siri on iPhone 4 long before the release of the iPhone 4S. If the company is indeed carrying out secondary tests, it’s probably only because they’ve strengthened the assistant’s capability of understanding speech better. This is done through software and, as a result, may not require a better microphone at all.

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