Apple Puts New Apps in for Developers

New Notes and Reminders applications added to the web interface

The company headquartered at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California has extended the services of to include Notes, Reminders, improved Calendar and Find My iPhone applications, and more. for registered Apple developers (currently in beta) now includes Notes and Reminders applications that have been specifically built for web use.

Stemming from iOS and arriving on OS X Mountain Lion later this month, the web-based Notes looks much like the iPad version of the application, with a list of titles on the left, and the detailed (selected) note on the right.

Reminders looks pretty much the same, only it arrives with the necessary functionality to facilitate making lists of to-dos.

Find My iPhone has been updated to include a new “lost” mode for misplaced devices, and Notifications now cover Calendar and Find my iPhone, according to screenshots leaked via 9to5mac.

When OS X Mountain Lion makes its debut this month, customers will be able to use their iCloud account to set up their Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Messages, Reminders and Notes.

According to Apple detailing the new features in a press release following the WWDC 2012 opening keynote, “The new Reminders and Notes apps help you remember important tasks and jot down your thoughts quickly, while iCloud automatically keeps everything up to date.”

“Documents in the Cloud works with iCloud-enabled apps including Apple’s iWork suite so you can always access and edit your documents on any device,” said the company run by Tim Cook.

Mountain Lion puts all notifications from all applications in a single place – Notification Center. Users can customize which apps send notifications, the type of notification they should receive, and how many items should be displayed in its interface.

OS X Mountain Lion also boasts over 1,700 new APIs (application programming interface) that give developers access to the latest core OS and web technologies. These include the fresh features in OS X, Documents in the Cloud, Notifications, Sharing, Game Center, and more.


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