Apple, Please Fix Mission Control Lag in OS X 10.8.3

Mountain Lion suffers from an annoying graphical glitch

Two years ago when I used to use Snow Leopard on my office Mac I'd generally put on a smug smile every time people asked me about the benefits of using a Mac. Two years and just as many OS upgrades later, I’m not so sure anymore.

We’ve already discussed the strange Save As… axing and Apple’s obsession to bring iOS elements “back to the Mac,” so we’re not here to rake up the dead.

But I would like to stress that Mountain Lion suffers from a couple of graphical glitches that seriously affect my workflow.

OS X Lion used to eat up a lot of memory, but it never caused me much dismay from a visual standpoint. Mountain Lion does the exact opposite – it manages RAM just fine, but taxes the GPU.

The glitch annoying me the most occurs when I toggle Mission Control on and off. It fails to properly spread windows and Spaces almost 70 percent of the time.

It sometimes takes three key presses to go into its standard position where I can actually click on the apps.

It happened in OS X 10.8, it was still there in OS X 10.8.1, and OS X 10.8.2 seems to be acting up even worse. I've been able to confirm it on two Macs so far.

The web is chock-full of forums discussing the issue (including Apple's own), and YouTube even has a couple of clips showcasing the visual glitch.

Now. Apple is known to be testing OS X 10.8.3 internally with a focus on Game Center, AirPort, AirPlay, and graphics drivers. What do you say we drop a few comments below and let Apple know how we feel about this massively annoying bug?

As usual, leave your Mac configuration and OS version so we can draw a clear picture of which systems are the most affected. This way Apple can use our comments as state-of-the-art bug reports.


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