Apple Offerring Internships to Teach Siri New Languages

iPhone maker promises an exciting 6-month internship in Cupertino, California

Siri is already localized in over a dozen different languages and dialects (including specific accents), but there’s always room for more with thousands of languages spoken throughout the globe.

Apple is taking short but definitive steps to enhance all of its Cloud services, including Siri, the voice-powered personal assistant debuted with the iPhone 4S.

Apple is now recruiting fluent speakers of Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish and even English, to “Join the team responsible for delivering Siri in different parts of the world for an exciting 6 month internship in Cupertino, California.”

Don’t get your hopes up just because you might know your way around with one of the aforementioned languages.

Apple is very strict on the requirements, touting such key qualifications as “candidate for BS in Computer Science (or equivalent experience); strong analytical and problem-solving skills; knowledgeable in, and sensitive to, multilingual and multicultural issues; […] excellent written and verbal communication skills.”

The requirements list continues with some technical experience, including developing a website, using Ruby on Rails or similar technologies, experience in developing software in Cocoa, Carbon, MFC, .NET, and more.

The ideal candidate will also be “on the lookout for ways to automate and improve the localization process [and] Attention to detail and proven ability to manage priorities are essential,” says the Cupertino giant.

Additionally, fluency is required in at least one language other than English.

“This position is highly suited to college juniors and seniors with the drive and the desire to learn.”

“It provides an opportunity to work within an exciting and supportive team, interact with engineering, and gain valuable insight into the software development process at Apple,” the company adds.

Visit Apple here to review the entire job description and / or apply for the position now.

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