Apple May Be Axing Logic Pro Audio Software

The company has reportedly “decimated” its Pro Audio apps team

If you thought 2012 would see only three Apple high-ups get fired, think again. According to Macworld UK, development on Apple’s Logic audio software may come to an end.

Citing Pro Tools Expert sources, the British tech site reveals that Apple's pro audio application Logic may be short-lived, “if reports that the company has ‘decimated’ its Pro Audio applications team turn out to be true.”

The sources in question claim that Apple has just two pro application specialists working at its Europe offices. Worse, Cupertino has no plans to make any new hires in the audio department for Logic development.

In other words, the future of Apple’s powerful music creation software is uncertain. The company last updated the suite in 2009.

It’s not Apple’s style to abandon a business altogether (think Apple TV), but poor numbers are always good indicators that a project is either in need of maintenance or axing altogether. It seems Apple is going for the latter with its Logic software.

The Cupertino company is not shy of phasing out unfeasible products, like the Xserve, boxed software, etc. There are things it does great – like hardware, and there are projects that seem hard to tame – like iOS Maps.

And let’s not forget that creative solutions are some of the hardest to code.

According to the report (citing Music Radar), the DAW (digital audio workstation) business has changed substantially since 2009, which is precisely when Apple last gave Logic an overhaul.

Logic Pro users have a huge list of demands from Apple in a potential Logic Pro X update, such as a better auto-save features, an audio warping engine resembling the one used by Ableton Live, support for more RAM, tighter automation, new copy-pasting functions, an enhanced sampler, drag 'n' drop/plug 'n' play MIDI effects, and more.

So, is Apple axing Logic development? If sales don’t justify the necessary resources to bake all this in, then you have your answer.

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