Apple MacBook Air Will Own a Large Share of the Slim Notebook Market

The percentage should decrease in 2013, unless ultrabooks mess up again

Here is something that Apple lovers will like: the MacBook Air ultrathin will account for a large part of the total 2012 ultrathin mobile PC shipments.

Back at the start of the year, notebook makers were raving about ultrabooks, and analysts thought 22 million would sell this year.

Now that the estimate has been more than cut in half, the Macbook Air's prospects are far brighter.

Long story short, companies responsible for manufacturing the components used in making ultrathin laptops believe that the Air will account for 39% of sales this year (2012).

The percentage will presumably drop to 28% in 2013, but that's assuming the average ultrabook price really does fall to $699 / 699 Euro.

Currently, they ship for $750 / 750 Euro, unless they're the Acer Aspire S7, which blows all the others away.

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