Apple Launching 'iTunes Replay' for Re-Downloading Old Content Free of Charge - Report

Via an Apple TV software update, Apple has recently started offering the ability to re-download and stream some TV shows on the Apple TV. The company is extending this functionality with a ‘Replay’ feature that also includes movies, according to a report.

Claiming it was able to confirm this information independently, AppAdvice goes on record to spill the beans on Apple’s plans to launch “iTunes Replay,” an extension to what Cupertino is already doing with iCloud and free re-downloads of previously purchased music files.

Their tipsters said both TV Shows and Movies in iTunes will be marked with a little “arrow” indicating whether they’re eligible for iTunes Replay - freely available to download subsequent times.

The sources added that some content will only be downloadable five times after the original download takes place. The site also couldn’t confirm whether streaming will count against this limit.

Eligible titles will include those bought as far back as January 2009, the report adds.

Streaming will surely be possible on the Apple TV, and “probably” on iOS portables as well, while the situation on the desktop front remains uncertain at this point.

It is safe to assume that, if confirmed, the functionality will be extended to Macintosh computers too.

As it sits on the launch pad waiting for Apple management to fire off the official announcement, iTunes Replay is currently being used internally as a code-name.

iTunes fans and Apple TV owners are being told to expect an official announcement in the coming weeks.

According to AppAdvice, the changes necessary to accommodate the function are being pushed to Apple’s servers as you are reading these lines.

Finally, the report notes, there’s a possibility Apple will be implementing the ability to re-download music under the same name, in order to separate it from iCloud to avoid marketing confusion.

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