Apple Is Hiring Plastic Expert

Cupertino giant seeks Manufacturing Design Engineer for “advanced plastic tooling”

A new job posting on website indicates that Apple needs a guy (or gal) who knows a thing or two about plastic. The Cupertino mammoth is rumored to launch a “budget” iPhone 5 with a plastic enclosure.

Rumors are circulating regarding a cheaper version of the iPhone being released this summer by Apple, and a recent job advertisement on the company’s website seems to lend credence to these reports.

Apple has opened a Manufacturing Design Engineer (MDE) position for Advanced Plastic Tooling and Process.

The new recruit will have to “Identify, develop and launch new tooling and process capabilities in support of new Apple product developments.”

According to the description, “Areas of focus will be ‘non-traditional’ Apple plastic processing such as thermoforming, foam molding, blow molding, etc., and their application to new Apple products.”

To increase his/her chances of nabbing the position, the applicant will have to possess a “demonstrated history of bringing new process and tooling technologies through a full development cycle and launch into high volume production.”

Key qualifications include BS Plastics, ME, MS, and “strong understanding of plastic materials” (as if someone who didn’t understand plastics would apply).

A broad background in tool and process development is also required. The applicant needs to master multiple plastic processing techniques, including (but not limited to) thermoforming, foam molding, blow molding, extrusion, and injection molding processes.

The employee will frequently travel to Asia, according to the advertisement, which is why some experience with the Asian supply base is “desirable.”

Apple is said to launch the “budget” iPhone 5 as a response to the growing army of Android smartphones chipping away at the iPhone’s market share.

Apple, however, has downplayed such rumors, noting that the company primarily focuses on high-quality, high-end products, not market-share.

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