Apple Increases Revenue for Developers Running iAds

The share for the iAd Network has been increased by 10 percent

Apple has issued an update to the Developer Advertising Services Agreement notifying programmers that the revenue share for iAds has been officially increased from 60 percent to 70.

A memo titled “Developer Advertising Services Agreement Update” has been sent out to people enrolled with Apple’s iAd program with the following message from the Cupertino, California-based computer giant:

“We have made the following changes to the Developer Advertising Services Agreement for the iAd Network, effective immediately.

· The revenue share for iAd Network is now 70% for the Developer.

If you do not agree with the changes and do not wish to continue to accept advertisements from the iAd Network, you can terminate your agreement by sending an email to”

Apple had previously confirmed plans to increase the pay for running iAds in iOS apps.

The updated developer agreement itself states that “developer[s] shall receive seventy percent (70%) of the Net Advertising Revenue derived from the sale of advertising on the Developer’s Mobile Properties (‘Developer Revenue Share’) net of any applicable taxes as provided in Section 6 of this Agreement.”

Apple takes the liberty to adjust the Developer Revenue Share percentage from time to time at its sole discretion.

Those interested in these changes will be able to find the notice of material on the company’s portal.

The document adds: “‘Net Advertising Revenue’ is defined as gross advertising revenue recognized through the delivery of ads by Apple less: a) any allowances actually made or taken for returns, credits, cash discounts and promotional allowances; and, b) Agency and agent fees, discounts, commissions and referral fees.”

The “iAd for Developers” program is touted by Apple as a great way for programmers to promote their paid or free titles to millions of iDevice owners worldwide.

Apple has designed the program to be cost-effective and capable of reaching the right audience to drive more downloads of iOS app. To get started with the iAd Network, developers only need to create the banner ads and Apple does the rest to get the ad up and running.

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