Apple Improves Shipping Time for iPhone 4. White Model Still a No-Go

Although Apple still has more updating to do on its online store, it has been revealed that iPhone 4 shipping time has been changed to 5-7 business days. Deploying the new smartphone is obviously a priority for the company, which ships the older iPhone 3GS in one to two weeks now.

By heading over at the Apple online store, those interested in nabbing themselves an iPhone 4 learn that Apple can deliver faster now: between 5 and 7 work days.

The iPhone 3GS, however, ships in an estimated 1-2 weeks since the customer placed his / her order.

To be noted that, although Apple’s promo materials also show the white version of the iPhone 4, this model is still unavailable months after the handset’s official introduction.

“White iPhone currently unavailable for order or in-store pickup,” the company notes.

There is hope, though, that the handset will become available soon, with Apple still working on updating its international online stores.

In a report earlier today, Softpedia speculated that the company’s then-pulled online store would come back online with new listings for this particular model.

It remains to be seen whether this prognosis was accurate or not.

“Whether you’re a new or existing AT&T customer, select your iPhone and sign up for a plan right here,” the company says on the US online store.

“Then have your iPhone shipped for free to your door and ready to use. Or buy it at your favorite Apple Retail Store and get free Personal Setup.”

The 16GB iPhone 4 costs $199 with an AT&T contract. Under the same conditions, the 32GB version costs $299.

Unfortunately, US residents cannot buy an iPhone without an AT&T contract. Other territories, however, are allowed to sell the device unlocked and ready to be used on any operator’s network.

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